Snapchat Score Hack

We all have that one friend or family member who loves to be on social media. They cannot stay away, nor do they want to. There should be some kind of filter, though. There are certain things that Snapchat users should try to avoid.

There are those who only send out data when they are looking perfect. They do not want to poke fun at themselves. They do not want others to do it either. Stop being perfect. Have you ever run across one of these users? Run away now. You will thank me later.

"Stop being so perfect"

--Brad Pitt

The play by play user. This is the person who has to give a detailed description of every second of their day. They even post about going to the bathroom. I am not kidding.

"Stop talking to me now"


The drunk is the next user. This is the person who posts message after message when they are drunk. This person is usually an embarrassment to themselves and others. Stay away from this person. You will know who they are as soon as you come across them.

"You have issues and you need to go now".


The last person is the Selfie junkie. This is the person who loves to take selfies and only selfies. You only see them from the neck up. Try to avoid this person. They are not bad people, they are just misguided. They love attention and the actively seek it on an hourly basis. Remember the Chainsmoker's song, "Let Us Take a Selfie". This person falls into this song category.

"Oh, my God! I am not judging you or anything--but, oh my God!

--Emma Stone

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